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1 Timothy


The typical first century letter began by stating the author and rank, the recipients of the letter, and an opening salutation. Because of this structure we are able to learn that Paul is the author of this letter to Timothy. This is the first letter we have encountered in our studies that is addressed to an individual person rather than a group of Christians or churches. Paul gives a slightly different salutation: “Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.” The notable difference is the addition of the word “mercy.” The next section we would expect to read in this letter is an offering of thanksgiving. We do read a statement of thanksgiving in 1:12, but it is not the same as Paul’s other letters. Paul typically gives thanks to God because of the faith and actions of the recipients. But we do not read this in this letter. Rather, Paul seems to get to the heart of the reason for writing to Timothy.

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