​The Heart To Restart (Ezra 1-2)

Our Sunday night theme that our series will center on is Return, Rebuild, Renew. I believe we need this theme after what we have gone through with this pandemic. It is time to hit the reset button. It is time for us to find a new beginning. It is time to return, rebuild, and renew the work of God for 2022. So this is what we are going to look at this year on Sunday nights. We are going to look at different books of the Bible that will encourage us return, rebuild, and renew ourselves to the work. We are beginning our journey in this theme in the book of Ezra.

One of the amazing pictures of God that we are repeatedly presented with is that we have a God who will make a way for his people. Even when circumstances appear impossibly dark, God will make a way for his people. The history of God’s people looks to have come to its cataclysmic, destructive conclusion. When you read the Kings or Chronicles account, Israel’s history ends with Jerusalem destroyed and the people taken into captivity in Babylon. How can God ever be with his people if they refuse to obey his word, defile the promised land, and must be taken off the land for their disobedience? But listen to the opening words of the book of Ezra…

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