7 Ways To Be a Hypocrite (Matthew 23:1-15)

We do not like fake people. We do not like to be around people that are insincere and are only wanting to put on a show. You might know people like this because you are able to truly know them while others are only able to see that same person’s public persona. Strangely, it can seem that religious leaders can fall into this trap. You might know spiritual leaders like elders, preachers, and teachers who act one way before the crowds but act a different way when they are alone or with a select few. Jesus has been teaching in the temple complex, handling the various objections and malicious questions that the religious leaders have thrown at him. Jesus has told them parables to show them their rejection and they unwillingness to listen to God. Jesus now delivers his final public sermon recorded in the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew 23 records this sermon that he delivers in the temple complex to the crowds and to his disciples. In this chapter Jesus is going to issue a series of seven woes…

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