A Dangerous God (2 Samuel 5-6)

God has given all of Israel and Judah to David and David has begun his rule at 30 years old. God is going to continue to establish the kingdom under David’s rule. Chapter 5 shows David as the new Joshua who is finishing the work that the generation of Joshua failed to complete. In 2 Samuel 5:6 we see David go up against the fortification of Jerusalem. The Jebusites who lived in Jerusalem mock David’s efforts, declaring that their weakest people would be able to fend off David. They likely thought this because they have been able to hold this city against Israel for hundreds of years. In Judges 1:21 we read that Israel had failed to fully subjugate the city and the Jebusites were allowed to remain. So now David is going to lead the attack against the fortress of Jerusalem. The Jebusites think that David does not have a chance…

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