A Life Guided By the Bible (Acts 17:1-15)

Please Note: Due to problems with the recorder this audio lesson was recorded from a lower quality, secondary source.

The second half of the book of Acts is showing us these great pictures of God’s salvation. Acts 17 is going to show how God is saving his people and the kind of heart needed to respond. You may remember that Jesus told a parable that is the parable of the sower in Mark 4. The parable pictures a sower scattering seed across all kinds of different soils. Jesus explains that the parable as the sower sowing the word and the different soils as the different responses that happen from proclaiming the message of God (cf. Mark 4:14). So the parable is about considering if your life is guided by God’s word. Paul and his companions are going to various cities proclaiming the message of God, calling people to be guided by the word of God. In Acts 17 they come to the city of Thessalonica…

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