A Look At Ourselves (Luke 15)

Our biggest challenge is to open our eyes. I am not talking about opening our physical eyes but our spiritual eyes. Sometimes we can think that our greatest challenge is to change our lives. Often Christianity is pictured in this way. You need to change your life. But God tells us that he will change our lives if we will open our eyes. Life change does not happen because our spiritual eyes are not open. Jesus is telling a parable where he is trying to open the eyes of the religious leaders in his day because they are complaining about him welcoming tax collectors and sinners (Luke 15:1-2). In our last lesson we looked at the love and compassion of the father for his lost son. It is a beautiful picture of God’s love and we need to see God’s love toward us as we go through difficult times. Opening our eyes to the love of God is necessary to maintain faith in our Lord. But the parable about the lost son is not complete at verse 24 in Luke 15. Jesus has more to say and more to teach. Up to this point the parable has helped us understand the inexplicable and incomprehensible love of God. Now Jesus is going to make us look at ourselves. Let us return to our text in Luke 15 and read verses 25-32…

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