A Mind To Work (Nehemiah 3-4)

Nehemiah has come to Jerusalem to help repair and rebuild the city of Jerusalem. Nehemiah was an important person in Persia being the cupbearer to King Artaxerxes. Nehemiah inspected the situation in the city and then called the people of Jerusalem together to tell them his intentions to rebuild the city. He told them about how the good hand of God had brought them to this moment and that God would give them success for this project.

The Work Begins (3:1-32)

Nehemiah 3 records the will of the people to rise up and do the work. Scan your eyes through chapter 3 and you will read about all of the people. You will see the repetition of the word “repair” throughout the chapter. I counted the word 38 times in the chapter. It is a beautiful description of everyone doing the work….

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