A New Temple With Glory (Ezekiel 40-43)

As we come to the final chapters of Ezekiel, Ezekiel is going to have a vision for the new temple. Chapters 40-48 all depict a new glorious temple that the Lord will have for his people. Before we look at this vision, we need to consider where we are in the flow of the book and why this would be how the prophecy of Ezekiel ends. One big message that we are seeing the Lord give through Ezekiel is an explanation of how things are going to be different in Christ’s kingdom when the Spirit comes. The people have lost their king but the Lord describes how he will send his Shepherd to lead and rule his people, establishing a covenant of peace with them (Ezekiel 34). The people have lost their inheritance. But when the Spirit comes, the Lord’s people will be able to obtain the promised eternal inherence (Ezekiel 35-36). The people have been rebellious to the Lord. But this new kingdom will be different because the Lord will cause his people to walk in his ways and keep his rules because they will have a new heart and new spirit put within them (Ezekiel 36)…

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