A Shepherd Comes (Micah 3-5)

We are in the book of Micah as we want to listen to the voice of the prophets as we prepare to move through the events of 2 Kings. Micah is prophesying during that time, telling them why God is angry with them, what the people are supposed to do, and what God is going to do. The message of Micah is very relevant for us as we see that the culture and sins of Israel and Judah during Micah’s day are the same sins and same cultural thinking in our day. Further, Micah’s hope was to point forward to Jesus. So as we look at the book of Micah we are able to see the promises that are available to us in Jesus. One of the problems that Micah is dealing with as he preaches is the lack of justice in Israel and Judah. There is evil and lots of injustice. What is God going to do about it? This is a relevant question for us as we feel the same weight as we witness injustices in our world and experience injustices against ourselves. What is God going to do about injustice? What should we do about injustice? This is what chapters 3-5 of the book of Micah will explain…

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