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According To The Pattern (Exodus 25-27)

God has declared his desire to dwell in the midst of his people. We serve an amazing God who is not content to stay in the heavenly realm, separated from his creation. Rather, God wants to be with us. God wants a relationship with us. Therefore, Moses is on the mountain receiving the directions for constructing a sanctuary so that God can dwell in their midst (25:8). This is a pivotal part of the book of Exodus because the final 16 chapters of this book center on the worship of God. The only interruption of this theme of worship is in narrative regarding the golden calf. Yet even this section on the golden calf is a contrast between divinely appointed worship with the worship from humans that is not divinely appointed. As we have noted repeatedly in our study of the book of Exodus, this is a picture book of God’s redemption, showing us what God will do through Christ when he comes.

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