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And That Rock Was Christ (Exodus 15-17)

Exodus 15:22 through Exodus 17:7 records for us three instances where the people are grumbling against God after coming out of Egyptian slavery and crossing the sea. The direct message of this text is to not put the Lord to the test by grumbling and complaining against him. We looked at this message in our last lesson. But there is more to this text than the message to not complain against the Lord and put him to the test. We have noticed throughout our study of Exodus that this is God’s picture book for redemption. God is showing through these events in the life of Israel how God was going to save his people when Christ came. These events in the history of Israel are used in the New Testament to show Jesus as the new Moses who has come to rescue the world from slavery to sin. There are two pictures given to us in this passage in Exodus: God provides bread from heaven for the people and God provides water for the people. The apostle Paul indicates to his audience that these are the two facets of salvation we are to look at.

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