And The People Complained (Numbers 10-11)

It is time to leave Mount Sinai. The Lord has prepared his people for departure to march their way to the promised land. Numbers 10:11 tells us that it has been one year and one month since leaving Egypt. Suddenly the cloud lifted from over the tabernacle, meaning it was time for the people to pack up their tents and the tabernacle of the Lord and follow the cloud on the journey. “They set out for the first time at the command of the Lord by Moses” (10:13). I want you to see a beautiful picture in Numbers 10:33. The people set out a three day journey with the Lord going before them “to seek out a resting place for them.” God is leading the people to bring them to a place of rest. This is the story of the scriptures. God is leading to bring people to rest with him. If we only understood this truth about our God who goes ahead of us to bring us rest. We see this further pictured in verses 35-36. God goes before the people to scatter the enemies and then returns to rest with Israel. God scatters the enemies and rests with his people. This is the picture we need to have firmly in our minds as we look at the next scene which is recorded in chapter 11.

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