Are You Building God’s Temple? (Zechariah 5-6)

Zechariah 5-6 contains three visions and one picture that Zechariah is to act out. We have been noticing that the book of Zechariah is all about hope and encouraging the people to rise up and do the work that God has put before them. God’s continuous motivation for us to love him and follow him is for us to see what he has done for us and what he promises to do for us. We have repeatedly noted how the apostle Paul’s letters first speak about what God has done for us. After doing so, then Paul will talk about how we ought to live because of God’s gracious work. God did this with Israel also. God rescued Israel from Egyptian slavery. Once they came to Mount Sinai, God asked his people to obey his laws because they had been rescued and because God would do great things in the future for them if they would. This is the idea in this prophecy. There is a clear call to action at the end of chapter 6 based on God’s life purpose for us. It is a question that will ask us if we are building God’s temple. But before God tells us about what he wants us to do, he must give us three pictures to melt our hearts to hear God’s call…

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