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Be Holy (Leviticus 11-15)

The book of Leviticus is written to communicate the holiness of God. The purpose was not to scare people about his holiness but to recognize that God desires to dwell with his people but we are unholy. The reason we cannot approach God is because we are completely unholy while the Lord is high, lifted up, and immense in his holiness. The first eight chapters of Leviticus taught the people that they needed sacrifices and priests in order for God to be in fellowship with them. These laws were the grace of God so that they could be in his presence. But in Leviticus 10 we read two people who did not honor the holiness of God. They did not offer the sacrifice according to the directions God gave. Therefore, God needed to uphold and defend his holiness. So fire came out from before the Lord and consumed these two priests, Nadab and Abihu. The holiness of God must be upheld and we must see ourselves as unholy people.

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