The Blood of the Covenant (Exodus 24)

We have been spending our time in the book of Exodus looking at God’s picture book of redemption. This book is not merely the story of Israel and how God redeemed them, making them his own people. This book shows how God was going to redeem true Israel and make them his own people. We last saw the people of Israel at Mount Sinai. God had spoken his Ten Commandments to the people. The people ask for Moses to go up to God to receive the rest of the laws and to tell those laws to the people. The Lord tells Moses what to tell the people concerning this covenant in Exodus 20:22-23:33. These laws are called the book of the covenant in this chapter (24:7). This brings us to chapter 24 of Exodus where we will be presented with God’s beautiful covenant with his people. But seeing what God does with the people with the covenant, we will see Jesus more clearly and our relationship to God through Jesus.

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