Boast In The Lord (2 Corinthians 10:7-18)

We are all about comparisons. We are in a world that loves to brag and draw attention to itself. We desire for people to see what we are doing. We elevate our accomplishments. We trumpet our achievements. Boasting is a human problem. Boasting is a problem Paul is dealing with in Corinth. In fact, Paul will deal with the problem of boasting from this point in 2 Corinthians 10 through chapter 12. So Paul is going to deal with this self-elevation and self-promotion. What is particularly curious about the way Paul handles this problem that we need to recognize is that his critics are dismissive of him because he does not promote and elevate himself. Since he does not make much of himself, he must not be an apostle of Jesus Christ. Surely an apostle of Jesus Christ would go around proclaiming that he is an apostle of Jesus and call people under his authority. So Paul must deal with this criticism of himself and defend his apostleship, but more importantly, at the same time reveal how this kind of self-image, self-promotion, and self-elevation is sinful and ungodly. As we look at Paul’s response we are going to see how we are to behave as followers of Christ.

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