Boast Only In The Cross (Galatians 6:14)

This year our theme that we will consider is the cross of Jesus. As is on our banner and in our advertising materials, the specific theme is Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, which comes from a beautiful song in our songbooks. We have spent the first quarter of this year considering the cross of Jesus as we have looked at the final chapters of Jesus’ life as recorded in Mark’s gospel. Now each month we are going to look at scriptures that speak about the significance of the cross. We will also return to the book of Hebrews which is a sermon of encouragement which speaks to the greater things we have in Jesus because of his death on the cross. So our year will be saturated with a study of Jesus and his death on the cross. For our study today, I want us to turn to Galatians 6 and consider what the apostle Paul proclaims.

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