Break Out (Micah 1-2)

We have been spending our time considering the life of Elijah in the second half of 1 Kings. But I want to take a break before moving into 2 Kings and examine the message of the prophet, Micah. Micah is a prophet who proclaims his message at the same time as the prophet Isaiah. Micah is preaching during the time frame of 2 Kings. Listening to what Micah says will give us a window into the spiritual condition of Israel and Judah when we return to our look at 2 Kings. But we want to look at Micah’s prophecy for more than this. There are three things Micah does in each of his proclamations. He will declare the reason why God is judging the people, what God expects the people to do, and what God is going to do for them. What does God want from us? What is God doing? What does God expect? What does God get angry about? These are the questions that are answered throughout Micah’s prophecy. The answers to these questions will teach us much about God and also encourage the life transformation that God desires in us…

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