Broken Faith (Ezra 9-10)

So how do you clean up a big mess? In particular, how do you clean up a big mess that you have created in your life? What do you do when you realize you have made a big mistake? This is what Ezra the priest walks into. In Ezra 7-8 we see Ezra leading a group of people from Persia back to Jerusalem to participate in working on the temple. The good hand of God was with him as he devoted himself to studying God’s law, doing God’s law, and teaching God’s law (Ezra 7:10). But as he comes back to Jerusalem to do the work of restoring the temple and restoring the hearts of the people to God, he learns that there is a big mess that must be dealt with. Open your copies of God’s word to Ezra 9 and notice the problem that is recorded in the first two verses…

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