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The Call of the Kingdom (Mark 2:13-17)

The scene in Mark 2:13-17 opens with a similar scene that we have seen many times so far in Mark’s gospel: crowds are coming to Jesus. The people in Galilee and the surrounding regions are coming to Jesus. They are listening to his preaching concerning the kingdom of God and people are being healed and unclean spirits are being cast out. So once again Jesus is at the Sea of Galilee and all the crowd was coming to him. Once again we see the mission and purpose of Jesus in verse 13. Jesus was teaching them. Jesus has come to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God (1:14-15). As Jesus walked beside the sea, he saw Levi sitting in a tax booth and tells him to follow him. Levi gets up from the tax booth and follows Jesus. We notice that is very similar to what happened with James and John and Simon and Andrew. They drop everything and follow Jesus.

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