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Calling The Outcasts (1 Samuel 20:1-22:5)

We have been studying 1 and 2 Samuel and seeing pictures of the anointed and how God is going to save the world. In 1 Samuel 20-21 we will see David experience all kinds of difficulties and the pursuit of Saul intensifies. As we read we are going to consider two teaching pictures as we move through each chapter. First, we are being shown a picture of what the anointed must endure. God is showing that his anointed must go through suffering and difficulty before finally ascending to the throne. Second, we are being challenged to have the faith to follow the anointed. For all that the anointed one, David, experiences, we are going to see who will follow him in spite of his sufferings. Open your copies of God’s word to 1 Samuel 20 and let us begin looking at these pictures.

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