Clean (Acts 10-11)

We have been looking at the life change that Jesus causes in people who listen to him and come to him. Acts 10-11 is going to show us that following Jesus means that we look at people differently and we handle our relationships differently. But before we move into the lesson I would like for us to think about how we look at other people. How do we look at strangers? How do we look at people who do not look like us? How do we look at people who do not act like us? How do we look at people who do not care about God? We live in a time right now where it is easy to begin with a negative perception of others. We assume the worst in others. We assume that they are out to get us or are going to hurt us. I am not saying such a thinking is completely unwarranted. I remember when I was a kid that I could go ride my bike without my parents knowing where in the world I was. It was no problem. Now we live in a time where we are afraid to let our kids out of our sight outside because there has been so much evil happen. But these kinds of things can stain how we look at others. But we are considering how God wants us to look at others from Acts 10-11…

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