Come To The Feast (Matthew 22:1-14)

Jesus has been telling stories about what his kingdom is like. He has told a story about two sons and a story about farming tenants who refused to give the fruit of the land to the owner, which are recorded toward the end of Matthew 21. Jesus has one more parable to tell about the kingdom and about the rejection of his invitation. This parable is going to describe who can enter Christ’s kingdom and who cannot and why they cannot.

The Rejection (22:1-7)

The story begins by describing a great king who is preparing a wedding feast for his son. Immediately we would be able to hear that Jesus is telling a messianic story because the prophets foretold about a wedding and wedding feast that would occur when the Messiah/Christ came (cf. Isaiah 25:6; 61:1-5). Revelation 19:7-9 likewise depicts the wedding of the Christ. The message is sent out to his constituents that the great wedding feast is prepared and ready. Come to the wedding feast (22:4). Now please have in mind that this is not your average wedding. As exciting as it might be to be invited to go to a wedding, this is the wedding for the son of the king. The expense, the glory, the size, and the fanfare would be unmatched. To be invited by the great king to his son’s wedding would be the greatest of honors…

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