Connecting To Others (Acts 21-22)

So how do you handle times when you are misunderstood? Being misunderstood can be a pretty frustrating situation. It can cause a lot of problems when you are misunderstood in your marriage, your family relationships, or friendships. Misunderstanding can cause a lot of problems and can cause serious divisions in relationships that have to later be rectified. But it can really be a problem when the misunderstanding is over important issues. This is especially true when it comes to spiritual issues and biblical teachings. It is hard when people think you believe something you do not believe. Trying to clear up these kinds of misunderstandings can also be very difficult. There was a long period of time when our brethren were writing in magazines, declaring what other people believe and teaching, and then tearing those people down for believing what they believe. But sometimes they were wrong. Sometimes they would put a label on someone that was not what that person was teaching or did not believe. Trying to undo that label was very difficult and often led to conflicts between people who were trying to serve the Lord…

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