Consider Your Ways (Haggai 1)

We have been studying through the book of Ezra as we are trying to encourage our hearts to rebuild, renew, and restore the work God has given us to do. But in Ezra 4 we see the work stops because of the discouragement, the fear, and the threats that are being leveled against the people. Ezra 5 opens that God sends Haggai and Zechariah to be prophets to these people. But the book of Ezra does not record what these prophets said. So I want to take a quick three lesson detour and come to the book of Haggai to see what Haggai was saying to the people. We will look at what Zechariah said to the people later this spring. But we will look at what the prophet Haggai had to say. The message that we are going to see Haggai repeat to these people is to consider their ways (Haggai 1:5, 7)…

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