Contend For The Faith (Jude 1-4)

Guardrails serve an important function in life. Guardrails are used to keep us from catastrophic accidents. They are used to keep us from falling off the edge and ending our lives prematurely. If you have ever been on winding roads, you have seen such guardrails. When the 540 freeway opened from Fort Smith to Fayetteville, Arkansas, there was a section going north where the road curved after going through a tunnel. These seemed like no big deal except when you drove in the winter time. There were many occasions where you would come through the other side of the tunnel, hit the exposed road which was black ice, which left you without control of your car as you approached this important curve in the freeway. The other side of the curve is a huge canyon and you could see how easy it would be to hit the ice and just fly straight off the road into the canyon, a crash that would be unlikely to survive. After a few years the state finally put up guardrails because of the danger of this spot in the road. Guardrails are a protection for us. No one looks at a guardrail and gets mad because the state is trying to take away our freedom to drive off the road and end our lives in a catastrophic crash. The guardrails are there as a protection to keep us on the road…

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