Count Everything As Loss (Philippians 3:1-11)

We live in a world that has the need for resumes. If you are going to be a new job, you need a resume. In college they will teach you how to write a resume. A resume is nothing more than a list of achievements. It is a document that you had to someone to show all the things you have learned, all the experiences you have, and all the abilities you have mastered. In high school and college you are encouraged to accomplish certain activities and sign up for certain things so that you can put it on your resume. I have even seen advertisements from churches who are looking for a preacher to submit their resume to that congregation for consideration. We are world that revolves around your list of achievements. Not only this, but you are to accentuate your resume. One of my first jobs in high school was to work at a grocery store where I bagged the groceries. It was a good job. When I went on to my next job interview, my resume did not say, “bag boy.” Rather, it said, “customer service representative.” I am not a Bible hoarder. I am a fine Bible collector and aficionado. We put ourselves forward in the best possible light, listing all of our accomplishments.

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