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Covenant Renewed (Exodus 34:1-28)

What is the first characteristic you think of when I ask you to think about God? We are going to look at what God says we should think about as he expresses himself to Israel while at Mount Sinai. The seriousness of Israel’s sin has been depicted in Exodus 33. God tells Moses that he will be faithful to his covenant and the people will go into the promised land. However, God is not going to go with them because they are a stubborn and rebellious people. Moses intercedes on behalf of the people, pleading with God to go with them all the way to the promised land. God promises that he will go with them and proves he will go with them by showing Moses his glory as his goodness passed before him. God will be gracious to whom he will be gracious and will show mercy on whom he will show mercy. God’s goodness is displayed in that he keeps his word and if God says he will show mercy to the people, then God is going to show mercy. Only now that intercession has been made can the covenant be renewed with the people of Israel.

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