​Defeating Discouragement (Haggai 2:1-9)

Do you ever feel disappointment by life? You might have had in your mind that things in your life would be different than where they are now. So what do you do with disappointment and discouragement? We can come to different seasons in our lives where we can be filled with disappointment. What we do with this disappointment can directly affect how we look at God and how we look at the work God has given to us to do. The people of God who have come back to Jerusalem to build the temple to the Lord have been dealing with disappointment. We noticed in Haggai 1 that they needed to be encouraged to restart the work. For 16 years the work had stopped after laying the foundation for the temple. As come to Haggai 2 we are told by the dates in verse 1 that the people have been working for about 4 weeks. But God has another message for the people regarding their discouragement as they continue the work on the temple. So let us look at the message of Haggai and consider how this message can help us deal with disappointment and discouragement…

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