Desiring God (1 Samuel 15)

Saul is the king over Israel but has failed to listen to Samuel. Samuel told Saul to wait for him and after seven days he would come to him and offer the burnt sacrifices and peace sacrifices. But when Saul sees his own soldiers leaving and the growing size of the Philistine army, he disregards Samuel and begins offering the sacrifices himself. The condemnation is clear that Saul disobeyed the word of the Lord given through Samuel. Because of this, the dynasty of Saul will not continue but the kingdom will be given to one who will be a person after God’s own heart. But God is a God of second chances which is what we are going to see in 1 Samuel 15. Will Saul have learned the lesson of faith and obedience or will he rely upon himself? What will Saul do with his second chance? Will he show that he desires God?

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