Do You Know Jesus? (Matthew 22:15-46)

So if you had a chance to ask Jesus a question, what would you ask him? The religious leaders are going to have their chance to ask Jesus a question. The Pharisees are going to ask Jesus a question and the Sadducees are going to ask Jesus a question. Unfortunately, they are not asking Jesus a question to learn. You will notice in Matthew 22:15 at the Pharisees are plotting on how to trap Jesus in his words. The Sadducees are also trying to test and trip Jesus up. Back in Matthew 16:1 we read that this is the goal of both of these religious groups. Jesus even warned his disciples about the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees in Matthew 16:12. Religious groups who do not agree with each other are joining forces in agreement of their rejection of Jesus. The way Jesus is going to answer this questions are going to stun the crowds (cf. 22:22,35). In fact, you will see in verse 46 that after Jesus gets done with answering these questions, no one is going to dare to ask him any more questions. As we look at these questions and Jesus’ response to these questions, we are not going to spend as much time on the teaching. Rather, we will spend much of our time considering why these two religious groups failed to see Jesus and failed in their understanding of God…

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