Don’t Waste Your Repentance (Nahum 3)

The prophecy of Nahum ends with the Lord twice proclaiming some of the most terrifying words that you would never want to hear in your life. “I am against you.” The Lord says this against Nineveh in Nahum 2:13 and Nahum 3:5. The third chapter of Nahum is going to show us what this means for the Lord to be against you. Further, Nahum is going to tell us why the Lord is against them. Finally, we will consider some important lessons from the conclusion of this prophecy thinking about what we learn for our lives today. As we come back into this prophecy I want us to remember that this book is revealing the just love of the Lord. In the first lesson we saw this pictured as the comforting severity of God. In the second lesson we saw this pictured as God’s people trust in the Lord because they have heard the good news that God reigns and he will bring his judgments in his time. In this third chapter we are going to see God continue the images of final judgment on the Assyrians and then consider the wasted repentance from the people of Nineveh…

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