Examples of Joyful Sacrifice (Philippians 2:17-30)

The apostle Paul has presented to these Christians in Philippi that living a life in a manner worthy of the gospel is a humble, self-sacrificing life. We read that Christians are to in humility count others more significant than themselves (2:3). Christians are to look out for the interests of others and not merely their own (2:4). Then the apostle wrote that we are to have the same mind that is seen in Jesus who lived a humble, self-sacrificing life. The reason Paul recounted the life of Jesus is so that we would be reminded that he sacrificed himself completely and God glorified him for his sacrifice. But Paul is not done showing us examples of humble, self-sacrificing lives. Christ is our preeminent example and we are to have the same mind and attitude as him. Paul writes so that these Christians will see that this is exactly what Christians do. Living a humble, self-sacrificing life is not a theory. Those who are blameless, children of God without blemish, shining as lights in the world, and hold fast to the word of life are those who practice joyful sacrifice.

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