Failing Faith (Mark 5:1-20)

In Mark 4:35-41 we have recorded for us an amazing scene that revealed who Jesus is. Jesus and his disciples are in a boat going across the Sea of Galilee. But a great windstorm hits and the boat is filling with water. Jesus simply rebukes the wind and tells the sea to be quiet. At the word of Jesus the storm stops and the sea is calm. This brings fear into the disciples because they are realizing that they are in the presence of the Lord. We noted in that lesson that there is the need for fear which is intended to move us to faith. But now Mark will record for us another response to the power and presence of God in Jesus which is recorded in Mark 5:1-20. I want to remind us again as we read this account that we are not merely to see the miracles of Jesus as proving he is God. This is true but it is a shallow view of his miracles. The miracles of Jesus are intended to show us something about who Jesus is. We are learning about Jesus through the power he reveals.

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