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Faith: By Many or By Few (1 Samuel 13-14)

Saul has been officially crowned a king of Israel before the Lord and the kingdom has been renewed (11:13). Samuel has given his farewell address and the expectation is for Saul to rule as God’s representative over Israel, restraining the wickedness of the people and turning their hearts toward God. The attention of the account is going to focus on Saul. But we are not just looking at the life of Saul as if this is a history lesson. Rather, God is going to teach us about faith. God is going to show us the kind of faith he wants and what failing faith looks like through the life of Saul. We should not be surprised by this at this point because the book of 1 Samuel has been completely about faith. We have seen the faith of Hannah. We have seen the lack of faith of Israel when fighting the Philistines and the Ark of the Covenant is captured. We have seen the faith of Samuel who believes the Lord to be the king while we have seen the lack of faith of Israel who want a human to be their king. We have seen the humility of Saul and his faith in God who gave Israel salvation against the Ammonites at Jabesh-gilead. So our focus is on Saul and God is going to show us faith is supposed to look like and what faith is not supposed to look like…

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