Faith in God’s Promises (Joshua 18-21)

The Lord tells Joshua in the thirteenth chapter that there is still land that needed to be possessed. Distribute the rest of the land to the tribes and tell them to finish the work. Caleb, though 85 years old, immediately asks for the hill country with the strong enemies and goes and fights them. Caleb wholly followed the Lord and the Lord gave him the victory. The rest of Israel is experiencing difficulty. They are unable to drive out the inhabitants because of their waning faith. Though they had seen the victories God had given them, they did not desire to finish the work. Joshua stands before the whole congregation and tells the people of Israel to quit putting off taking possession of the land (18:3). The rest of chapters 18-19 record the lots being cast so that the rest of the land is divided among the tribes. The point of this is to place responsibility of these tribes to finish the work. Go take the land and drive out the Canaanites so that they no longer live in your inheritance. Joshua is then given his land for an inheritance. Joshua 19:51 then concludes by declaring that the land was completely divided among the tribes. It is time to finish the work.

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