Holding on to Faith in the Midst of Suffering (Job 2)

The first chapter of the book of Job ends with success. Job has shown that he does serve God for nothing. He does not serve God because of the hedge God had put around him, blessing the work of his hands and increasing his possessions. Job has lost his children, lost his possessions, and lost his wealth. Yet Job did not sin or charge God with wrong (1:22). Further, and more importantly, God has been vindicated. God was charged with doing too much good for the righteous so that they cannot serve God for who God is but only serve God for selfish reasons. Satan (the accuser) has pointed out that God’s policy of rewarding the righteous actually undermines, if not subverts, the very righteousness that God seeks to foster. People will act righteously to gain benefits, not out of love for God. But God has shown that his wisdom is right and true. God is able to bless his people and they will still serve him even if those physical blessings are removed. We would hope that this would be the end of the book. But the discussions of God and Satan are not done.

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