Faith In Trials (James 1:1-4)

We are starting a short series for our Sunday evenings in January called Authentic. The purpose of this series is to see how the scriptures picture how we can have a real faith and be real disciples. Now if you think about books in God’s word that give pictures of what faith looks like, James is one of the books that rises to the top. We can sometimes oversimplify the book of James so that the point is missed. We talk about how James tells us that true faith does work. We see this point made in James 2. This is a very important truth. But the point of the book is not to convince us that true faith has action. I believe the point of the book is to show us what faith does. What does true faith look like? To be a little more precise, what does true faith do during times of hardship and suffering? What does faith do when suffering? So what I would like to do is spend five lessons looking at first chapter of James and look carefully at what faith does when encountering trials and suffering…

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