Faith Is The Victory (Joshua 13-17)

Joshua 13 opens by telling us that the conquest has taken many years and now Joshua is old. The Lord comes to Joshua and notes Joshua’s age and then notes a problem. The problem is that while the land of Canaan has been conquered and the wars are over, the land has not be settled or possessed. Those areas of land are described in verses 2-6. Now you may wonder what the problem is if the land has been conquered. Think about the situation like this: the leaders have been killed, the armies have been defeated, the fortified cities have fallen, but the citizens have not been driven out of the land. It would be like if our major cities fell, our political leaders were killed, and our armies were captured and killed. We would all still live here just waiting for what is going to happen next. There are going to be some flare ups of resistance but it will not be the complete warfare required up to this point. So that is where we are in the book of Joshua…

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