Faith To Ask (Joshua 9)

Israel has enjoyed success as they have entered the promised land as God has given them victory at the first two cities they faced, Jericho and Ai. But the other cities in Canaan are not going to sit idly by. The first two verses of Joshua 9 reveal that kings of the various cities banded together to fight against Joshua and Israel. But something interesting happens as the cities ally against Israel. The city of Gibeon did not join on this. Rather, when they heard what Joshua had done to Jericho and Ai, they go for a different plan. They know that warring against Israel will not be successful. So they decide to put on a ruse. They make themselves look like wandering nomads. They come to Israel wearing worn out sandals and clothes. They also have their sacks and wineskins look worn out also. Their food was dry and crumbled. They come to Joshua and to the people of Israel and tell them that they have come from a distant country. Please make a treaty with them.

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