Faith To Follow (1 Samuel 22-23)

David Escapes (22:1-23)

Chapter 22 opens with David leaving Gath and hiding in a cave in Adullam, which is just inside of Israel’s borders. David’s family hears that he is in the cave and his family comes to him (22:1). Listen to verse 2. Everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gather to David and he became commander over them, about 400 men. In our last lesson we noted how the anointed is gathering the outcasts to himself. I want to look at this in the other direction now. Imagine what David is going through. Would you go to him while he is living in this cave, running for his life? It is not a logical choice except for this: David is the anointed and we must follow and support the anointed. David takes his followers and his parents to a stronghold in Moab. But a prophet comes to David and tell him to go back to Judah and to not remain in the stronghold (22:5). The anointed cannot stay where it is safe. God sends David back into the danger where Saul is looking for him.

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