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Faith To Serve (Joshua 23-24)

When you come to the end of your life there are certainly things you want to say to people. There are certain things you want them to know. There may even be some things that you would want people to do. Great earthly men, particularly military leaders, often have a final speech they want to give before they die to those who have followed them. George Washington, Douglas MacArthur, and many others in our nation’s history gave famous final speeches at the end of their service. For Moses, the whole book of Deuteronomy is the record of his final speeches to the people of Israel. Joshua has come to the end of his life. He is old and well advanced in years (Joshua 23:1). Before he dies there are two speeches that he wants to make to Israel. There are some things that he has to say to the people before he goes to his eternal rest. Joshua makes two speeches to the people of Israel, recorded in Joshua 23-24, and his messages are timeless. His two speeches were intended to stir the people of Israel and were recorded for all time so as to stir us in service and worship to God. Open your Bibles to Joshua 23 and we will listen to these two speeches.

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