Faith When Angry (James 1:19-21)

We are spending this month looking at James’ teachings on how to have authentic faith especially during trying times. James 1 tells us that God is using trials to make us mature and complete so that we lack nothing. Therefore, we must let steadfastness have its full effect. Further, James tells us that we need to pray for wisdom while we are in our trials because God will gives us the wisdom we need generously. James also taught us how to look at temptations. No one should think that God is tempting them or that God is trying to destroy their faith. God is for us, gives us every good and perfect gift, and has given us new birth by the word of truth. Rather, what is separating us from God are the evil desires that are in us. Our desires give birth to sin which leads us to spiritual death. Now James is bringing us to a fourth consideration for our times in trials. Another problem that arises during trials is anger…

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