Faith With Passion (Joshua 22)

All that the Lord had promised to Israel were fulfilled. Not one word of all the good promises that the Lord made failed (Joshua 21:43-45). Though all the Canaanites were not driven out because of the people’s lack of faith, the land has been conquered and settled by Israel. The work is complete and God’s promises were fulfilled. In Joshua 22 we see Joshua summon the two and a half tribes and commend them for obeying Moses and Joshua in all the commands given (22:1-5). Remember that in the book of Numbers these two and a half tribes desired the land on the east side of the Jordan River, not the land where God had promised. But they committed to leave their families and their land and fight side by side with their brethren for years in settling the land. Now that the Lord has given Israel rest, Joshua tells these two and a half tribes that they can go back to the other side of the Jordan River, back to their families and back to their lands. Joshua leaves them with a critical instruction as they leave: be very careful to keep the commandment and the law given by Moses. Love to Lord your God, walk in all his ways, keep his commandments, cling to the Lord, and serve him with all your heart and soul (22:5). Joshua sends these tribes back with a blessing and with the spoils of victory that were gained through the conquest of the land. All the tribes are treated equally as belonging to the Lord though these two and a half tribes will go back to the east side of the Jordan River…

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