Fake (1 Kings 14)

God is revealing the spiritual problems in Israel that will lead to its demise. Even more, God is revealing the atmosphere in which he will send his prophet Elijah, who will be a monumental figure in Israel’s history and typologically. We have seen some staggering pictures about Jeroboam. Because he does not trust in God’s promises, he has established a false worship system to coax the people to not go to Jerusalem to worship. His marketing plan was to tell them that it was too hard to go to Jerusalem. Why do that when they can just stay where they are and worship? We have also seen Jeroboam receive a message of condemnation from a prophet. A man of God condemned this worship which is a condemnation of Jeroboam. As Jeroboam reaches out his hand with the command to seize this prophet, his hand withers and he is unable to pull his hand back. Jeroboam asks for the prophet to pray to the Lord for healing and he is healed. However, Jeroboam did not change his evil ways (13:33) and is the beginning of the downfall of the nation (13:34). But now it is time for a bit of irony. This irony reveals a lot about humans and will teach us much about ourselves…

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