Fear Filled Faith (Hebrews 12:15-29)

Hebrews 12 is a chapter calling for Christians to have an enduring faith. The author has called for us to lay aside the weights we carry and the sins that cling so closely to us so that we can run the race with endurance (12:1-2). Further, we were given a new perspective concerning our suffering and trials. We are to see our trials as God correcting us, instructing us, and training us so that we can share in his holiness and yield the fruit of righteousness in our lives. God is working on us through our trials so that we will be transformed into his image (12:3-11). Then the author tells us what to do. He tells us to get up and not give up. Lift your drooping hands, strengthen your weak knees, and clear the obstacles in your life (12:12-13).

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