Finding Contentment (1 Timothy 6:3-10)

Our theme this year, though disrupted by the coronavirus, has been the theme of Overflow. Jesus told his disciples that out of our hearts would flow streams of living water. So we have asked this question through the year: what flows out of us? It was not initially planned this way but two of the topics regarding what flows out of us comes from 1 Timothy 6. I had not planned to teach this book and its faith foundations. But the coronavirus changed all of the preaching plans for this year. So, seeing this was going to happen, I held off from doing overflow last month so that we would do two of them, back to back. In doing this we will also finish our series from 1 Timothy. What we are going to look at in today’s lesson is that we would overflow with contentment. People would look at us and see content Christians. So how do we find contentment?

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