Fractured Love (Hosea 1)

Who does not love a love story? We are drawn to them as humans. This is why so many books, tv shows, and movies are made regarding love stories. The Hallmark Channel just had a month of movies that are all love stories at Christmas time. We love a good love story. The book of Hosea is God’s love story. It is a book that reveals the heart of God. What God is going to do is unique. He is going to tell his love story for people through a prophet named Hosea. Hosea is the last prophet to proclaim God to the northern nation, called Israel (750-725 BC). God is willing to use his prophets in strange ways to make visual teaching points to his people. God made Isaiah have his rear end hang out so that the people would see that this is how they will go into captivity: naked. God told Jeremiah not to marry. God told Ezekiel to not weep when his wife died and to lie on his side for a year to teach the people a message. God is going to use Hosea to teach a message of love to the people of Israel, but it is going to be a strange, yet amazing love story.

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