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From Full To Empty (Ruth 1)

The account of Ruth contains a beautiful narrative that is highly instructive to the people of God. The book of Ruth contains many portraits that instructs us about God and gives us hope and encouragement through difficult times. The book of Ruth contains a beautiful love story picturing sacrificial love. The book paints a beautiful portrait of manhood and womanhood. The book deals with the problem of racism, as it speaks the issues concerning the relationships between Israelites and Moabites. Ruth reminds us that there is always a remnant of God’s people who are loving the Lord and serving him. The book reveals what risk-taking love and devotion looks like. One of the grand pictures of this book is that expresses the sovereignty of God, answering an important question for us: Can I trust and love God who has given me pain in my life? Finally, the book glorifies God through Christ. With these grand concepts in mind, let us begin our study of the book of Ruth.

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