God Delights In You (Zephaniah 3)

God has described the problem that is occurring with his people in the book of Zephaniah. Even though Josiah is the king (1:1) and even though he is making spiritual reforms, the people are complacent (1:12). They bow down to God while they are bowing down to false gods (1:5). They are worshiping God but they do not follow him, seek him, or inquire of him (1:6). So the prophet has called for the people to gather for repentance (2:1-3). The nations are going to be judged for their wickedness (2:4-15). Judah needs to turn back before it is too late. Unfortunately, the people were all the more eager to make all their deeds corrupt (2:7). God thought that they would surely listen and accept correction. But the people will not. The question that hovers over us is this: what is God going to do since his people have rejected him? What is God going to do with a people worthy of judgment? What is God going to do with a people who are eager to make their deed corrupt? These are the questions that are answered as the book of Zephaniah concludes…

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